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Behavioral Assessment Specialist

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ABA Therapy and Student Concierge Services for Unique Learners located in Beverly Hills, CA and Woodland Hills, CA

Behavioral assessments can provide lots of information about unusual or disruptive behaviors and why they’re happening. At ALIVE Education Management & Services in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills, California, board-certified behavior analyst Shannon Stanford, EdD, BCBA, and the experienced team provide school- and home-based assessments before building individualized plans for behavior modification. Schedule a behavioral assessment by calling ALIVE Education Management & Services in Los Angeles or booking online today.

Behavioral Assessment Q&A

What is a behavioral assessment?

A behavioral assessment is a detailed observational test that takes place over the course of a few weeks and with several visits. Usually, a behavioral assessment can be completed within three visits with the experienced practitioners at ALIVE Education Management & Services. 

Behavioral assessments at ALIVE Education & Management Services are not meant to be diagnostic but rather valuable tools to observe and predict repeated behaviors and patterns and the effects they have. 

It’s a good idea to consider getting a behavioral assessment for individuals who struggle with learning, school performance, or work performance. This assessment is the first step toward creating an individualized treatment plan, which might include components like advanced behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy or social and emotional learning (SEL).

What happens during a behavioral assessment?

ALIVE Education Management & Services offers two types of behavioral assessment. Depending on an individual’s treatment goals, the experienced practitioners can perform:

School-based assessments

For school-based assessments, the team collaborates with teachers and administrators to observe behaviors in the classroom and among peers. They can identify any specific behaviors that impede learning, like fidgeting, hyperactivity, and trouble paying attention. 

Home-based assessments

Home-based assessments are meant to evaluate behaviors at home among family members. The team observes and records an individual’s behavior in an attempt to find out why they behave the way they do and which approaches might help to modify misbehavior. 

What happens after a behavioral assessment?

After performing the behavioral assessment, the experienced providers at ALIVE Education Management & Services explore the possible underlying causes behind the behaviors they observe. They consider stimuli leading to certain behaviors, the behaviors themselves, and the results of the behaviors.  

With all of this information in hand, the providers can design an individualized treatment plan that may include various strategies for behavior modification. These plans might include:

  • Educational tutoring
  • SEL
  • ABA
  • Parent therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Lifestyle changes

The ALIVE providers are culturally sensitive and compassionate and listen to each individual’s needs and suggestions. While they can’t make any official diagnoses themselves, they can make referrals to other local trusted mental health professionals who can. 

To schedule a behavioral assessment for home or school, call ALIVE Education Management & Services or request an appointment online today.